About The Tall Guy

National touring comedian, Eric Grady is the "World's Tallest Comedian", and has been making audiences "bust their guts", "cry", and even "pee a little" (actual quotes from audience members) from laughing since 1995 with his hilarious, edgy, and fresh stand up comedy. Eric grew up in Charlotte, NC.

Eric's comedy career began in South Florida. Well actually, it began in Charlotte, NC. He did his first open mic, in Charlotte. Eric loved it. He was nervous. But he was funny. The audience was laughing. And Eric felt that he had to have more of what he was feeling. So, he kept coming back as often as he could, but Eric was living in Myrtle Beach, SC at the time. So, it was hard to get back to Charlotte for an open mic night.

So, after doing about 10, or so, open mics, in 1998, Eric moved to Charlotte, and got married. And fell out of comedy to work and help support a wife and step-children. Sadly, after a few years, the marriage was over, and in 2001, Eric moved to Ft Lauderdale, FL, where he promptly got back into comedy open mics. There was no looking back, after that.

After spending a couple of years in Florida, Eric moved back to Myrtle Beach, SC, doing comedy often. Eventually, in 2006, he moved to New York City, where Eric worked about 2000 shows, in 2 years. And finally, in 2008, Eric moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he resides, today. Eric stays busy with stand-up. He's honed his 'rapid fire', physical comedy to be quick, sharp, and hilarious. Eric talks about himself, and his view on the world around him, including subjects such as; his life being so tall, his marriage, his step-children, his dog, his single life, his travels, and his accent, to name a few.

Today, Eric is still shy, still funny, and still tall. He's 6'9', which is why a lot of people know him as 'the World's Tallest Comedian'. Eric comedy has been described as 'Very funny' by Comedian; Wendy Liebman, and 'Fresh, original', by Comedian; Fred Klett, adding; "No one is doing what (Eric's) doing.". And he's physically funny, using his height and his weight to do mind-bending, body bending comedy. You can catch Eric at a comedy club near you. And you should. Eric is a VERY funny person.